Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

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I am a male teenage student in high school. I am very into music and I play the drums constantly but also sing a bit. This blog serves just as an outlet. Feel free to subscribe.

Holy shit… I forgot I had this again.

It’s like looking at the ocean and your friend saying he drank all of it once. Come on man, you’re just fucking ridiculous. 

Holy shit, my whole taste in music is changing right below my feet. I’m now not listening to metal pretty much at all. I’m finding myself listening and actually enjoying hip hop and funk-groove music.. I love jazz even more now, but metal has pretty much died for me..

Awww yeah, I just finished my first gig - at a bar - illegally.

Man, I find tumblr just so boring now.. What happened?

Ahhhhh Chelan was sooooo fucking awesome. The only downside is that I couldn’t get an internet connection..